Personal Review / Challenge

Federal regulations mandate that all U.S. Citizens and Permanent Legal Residents have access to their FBI Criminal Report for personal review. You may review your personal "rap sheet" at any time to confirm its accuracy.

Reviewing your official FBI Identification Record, and correcting inaccurate information, could put you on a new career path in today's security conscious work environment.

A 2010 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management estimates that 92% of employers conduct a criminal background check. You may want to review your FBI Criminal Report before your prospective employer does.

If your criminal record contains incorrect information, you should contact the state court or identification bureau that maintains the original record.

Work or Student Visas

When applying for a Work Visa or Student Visa, some countries require a copy of your criminal history as part of the background investigation.

Using A Fast Background to obtain an official copy of your FBI Criminal Report is fast, easy and safe.


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